AMDYS Healthcare Solutions Private Limited specialises in breast cancer rehabilitation products, post-surgical counselling and guidance. Breast cancer awareness has reached new horizons within the Indian medical market. However, sensitised rehabilitation is still an on-going process--one that needs to be backed with remarkable research and development. Our products are all directed towards competent post-surgery cancer prevention and enabling anatomical normalcy.                                                       

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Aditya Thaker, Director, AMDYS Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd., holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology (University of Essex, UK); he specialised in cancer biology and has dedicated time to the cause of breast cancer research. Aditya strongly believes that there is an urgent need for spreading awareness about breast cancer - the cause, early detection, cure, prevention, and bringing home path-breaking rehabilitation products. 

"We hope to widen the dimensions of womanhood with products that empower women to live life just as remarkably as they fought it." - Aditya Thaker

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Anita Unique Bodywear (www.anita.com) is a 135-year-old family-owned business that was founded in 1886 in Dresden, Germany. The company is present in more than 26 countries worldwide and has been a renowned manufacturer of breast forms (external breast prostheses) and specialised post-surgical garments. The breast forms in different shapes are designed especially for the Anita Care range of post-mastectomy bras. All ANITA breast forms are hand-made in Germany and Austria and are—like all ANITA products—of superior, unique quality standards.

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Cancer rehabilitation centres, NGOs supporting the cause, doctors, hospitals, and most significantly, all those fighting and surviving breast cancer. We are here to walk the path with you, we are here to get inspired by your determination and provide you with the best products and practices in rehabilitation.