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Wash + Care Instructions

Lingerie care

Your lingerie will naturally look good for longer if you take careful note of the care instructions on the label. Most lingerie can be machine-washed at low temperatures (30°C). Always use the Delicates setting for this. If your machine doesn't have one, use the Easy Care setting. Always use a mild detergent and ensure the correct dosage - too much can damage the fabric, while too little won't get it properly clean. It is best to place delicate items in a special protective bag before machine-washing, closing all Velcro-type fasteners first - or hand-wash them in warm water. Please do not use fabric conditioner.


Never wash whites and colours together - even by hand. This can cause discoloration, or turn your garments grey and dull. To bring your whites up bright and fresh again, you can occasionally use a net curtain whitener.


Never dry your lingerie directly on heaters, in direct sunlight or in the tumble-dryer. The wear and tear on fabric and lace is exacerbated by extreme heat.

Check out this list of common wash care symbols.

Care of breast forms

  • Wash by hand with liquid soap and warm water or take into the shower
  • On breast forms with a microfibre backing, the fabric should not be pulled or torn when wet. Dab the wet textile section with a paper or cotton towel. Drying time approx. 1 hour
  • Salt water and water with chlorine, suncream etc. are not damaging, but aggressive clean­ing agents and solvents will damage the breast form
  • Pointed or sharp objects (such as animal claws) can damage the film. Such damage is irreparable

Additional care tips for adhesive breast forms

  • Neutral liquid soap (without silicone) is sufficient
  • Do not use fabric or paper towels for drying to prevent residues being left on