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Finding the right size

Measuring tips:

When measuring your customer stand at her side. The customer‘s arms should hang loosely and she should breathe normally. Hold the tape loosely over the tip of the breast and read off the measurement at the side of the back.

The measured size serves as a guideline. The actual size and best comfort for each customer can only be determined when she tries the item on!


1. Underbust measurement

Take the measurement by holding the tape directly under the bust. This measurement is rounded up or

down and assigned to a size (refer to table).

2. Bust measurement

Place the tape directly over the widest point of the breast without cutting in.

3. Cup size

The difference between the bust measurement (2) and the underbust measurement (1) is the cup size. 


102 cm - 85 cm = 17 cm = cup C

40.2 inches - 33.5 inches = 6.7 inches = cup C

➜ Underbust measurement and cup size = bra size (e.g. Euro 75 C, GB/US 34 C)

Bra Size Calculator


Use the calculator below to find your size

Enter your bust size
Enter your underbust size

What to remember when buying a Bra!

A well-fitting bra is important. It protects you from potential health risks and gives the highest levels of wearer comfort. When buying a bra, make sure the bra has wide straps which do not cut in, leaving grooves over your shoulders. Choose a bra with a slightly wider underbust band which sits comfortably and does not cut in. Underwired bras should encompass the whole breast with wiring that does not cut in. The bra should be made of skin-kind, breathable fabrics.

Keep in mind:

  • Extra wide, padded straps
  • High-cut, soft edging around the arms
  • Elastic, high-cut décolleté
  • Semi-elastic fabric with supporting and shaping effect
  • Wide underbust band
  • High centre panel

It is estimated that more than 70% women are wearing the wrong size bra. Use the following calculator to estimate yours. To ensure the accuracy, please measure to the nearest 1/4 inch or 0.5 cm. This calculator gives out results for the United States, the United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and New Zealand.