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Unique Product Advantages

Anita care has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of breast forms with an ana­tomically- perfected shape for more than 40 years. All items are made on our own premises. The entire product range of breast forms, special bras and swimwear imparts a high degree of naturalness, enabling women to feel confident and enjoy a quality of life.

Tested and certified

Anita® care breast forms are all:

  • Tested for correct function and quality in clinical trials and studies by an independent and certified test institute
  • Are certified as medical aids, approved and listed with a medical aid number
  • Made of silicone, microfibre and film which has been dermatologically-tested and certified to the latest international biocompatibility standard to DIN ISO 10993

Advantages of the Anita care silicone breast forms

  • An outstanding product is the lightweight breast form sold under the SoftLite brand name, a combination of pleasant softness and natural­ness with the advantage of a lower weight of up to 35% in comparison to silicone gel for breast forms with full weight compensation.
  • Excellent skin and body compatibility due to the natural base material, silica.
  • Fast adaptation to the body temperature
  • Weight, softness, natural movement and shape retention similar to the natural breast
  • Long life due to the adhesion of the outer film skin being resistant to chlorine, grease, oil and salt water