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Anita Unique Bodywear is a 125-year-old family-owned business that was founded in 1886 in Dresden, Germany. Even in their early years, the company was an important producer of corsages and support bandages. Over the decades, ANITA has specialized in niche products. Our products and collections undergo constant improvement and refinement, so that we can offer the very best in post-operative care and consultation with our specialized medical products and garments at all times. Ultimately, we share a common goal: to see satisfied women regain their sense of well-being and self-confidence, and to see their outward appearance getting well-balanced again.




Anita Unique Bodywear has been producing breast forms for more than 40 years. The company focuses on helping women to master the new challenges they face with courage, energy and vitality. The breast forms in different shapes are designed especially for the Anita care range of special bras and swimwear - designed for meeting the special needs and wishes of women who have undergone breast surgery. All ANITA breast forms are hand-made in Germany and Austria and are—like all ANITA products—of superior, unique quality standards.


Since its early days, ANITA has been a renowned manufacturer of special post-surgical garments applicable directly after any kind of breast surgery and surgery in the tummy area, e.g. caesarean section. Highly specialized compression bras guarantee optimum form stabilization and immobilization of the operated breast after all types of plastic surgery.


They promote the healing process by controlled compression on the scar tissue and relief of lymph drainage channels, and prevent pressure marks and tissue irritation by ensuring exact individual fitting and maximum skin-friendliness. Besides, they are easy to use for both patients and nursing staff.

ANITA Active

Award-winning sports bras made from high-tech fabrics that provide excellent sweat management. Physically active women (up to larger sizes) love to wear them, as for every sport ANITA provides the perfect matching bra – from light support for Yoga to extreme control for running and horse-riding. Even non-sportive women in hot countries use them as comfortable all-day bras.




Cancer rehabilitation centres, NGOs supporting the cause, medical researchers, doctors, hospitals and, most significantly, all those fighting and surviving breast cancer. We are here to walk the path with you, we are here to get inspired by your determination and provide you with the best products and practices in rehabilitation. We hope to widen the dimensions of womanhood with products that empower women to live life just as remarkably as they fought it.